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Does Your Business Have Sufficient Interruption Coverage?

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

Causes of business interruption insurance Does your business have sufficient interruption coverage?

Does Your Business Have Sufficient Interruption Coverage?

Even a short interruption in operations can end up costing a business thousands of dollars. If you own a business, you should maintain interruption insurance coverage in addition to a property insurance policy. These three measures can help you determine whether your current level of coverage is sufficient to offset lost revenue during fire restoration at a commercial building in Gilberts, IL.

Calculate Profits and Losses

If your business suffers major damage due to fire or secondary issues related to smoke or water that necessitate the suspension of daily operations, you could lose all incoming revenue. Use statements of income and expenses to determine the duration of closure that could reasonably be offset by your current level of coverage.

Factor In Continuing Expenses

Interruption insurance is useful for covering continuing expenses such as payroll or lease payments. Assess your coverage by calculating an average monthly budget that accounts for these recurring debits. It is also a good idea to review the terms of contracts with customers and suppliers to check for any penalties that could accrue in the event of an interruption.

Include Production Information

Don’t forget to account for production costs when making interruption calculations. This includes costs associated with damaged equipment, supplies, inventory and other essential materials. While a property insurance policy should cover the cost of losses, these items may also be factored into a business interruption claim.
You should carefully review all terms and limits when taking out an interruption insurance policy. Each of these considerations can help you arrive at a more informed estimation of the level of coverage you may need and easily gather important materials for making a claim. Store all of these original records or copies at an off-site location to ensure that you can access the information you need in the event of an emergency at a business in Gilberts, IL.

3 Home Air Purifiers That Trap and Destroy Mold Spores

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

As a Carpentersville, IL , homeowner, the quality of the indoor air you and your family breathes is likely a priority for you. Cooking, pet and bathroom odors can be unpleasant, so installing an air filtration system in your home may help. However, if you want to banish odors and trap airborne mold spores as well, there are several home air purifier models that you might want to consider.

1. Oransi Max HEPA

This unit removes a variety of impurities from the air, including pet dander, dust and fungi spores, While no purifier can remove all spores from your indoor environment, it can reduce their presence and make an infestation less likely. This purifier also includes a carbon filter that eliminates common household odors. Filters are included with the unit, which can last up to one year before replacements are required.

2. OV200

This model might be a good choice for you if convenience and ease of use are high priorities in your purchasing factors. The OV200 comes with a remote and a sensor that monitors your home’s air quality as it filters mold spores, bacteria and pollen. The sensor may be helpful in monitoring the presence of hidden fungi growth and lower the expense of mold cleanup. This unit also filters away odors, such as those caused by pets or strong-smelling foods.

3. Alen BreatheSmart Classic

If you are looking for an air filtration system that is designed to clean large rooms, this unit may be a good choice. It removes many common impurities from the air, including mold, and may even prevent spores from attaching and spreading around your home. This may be especially useful in preventing the presence of Stachybotrys, or black mold, which can be difficult to eradicate once it takes hold. You may want to contact a black mold cleanup service for more advice about where to place this filter.
Finding the right air filtration unit for your Carpentersville, IL , home can prevent the need for mold remediation and removal. While fungi spores cannot be completely eliminated from your home, reducing their number may help keep large growths at bay.

Understanding the Types of Mold Found in a Home

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

Aspergillus Niger is green and pink mold Aspergillus Niger is green and pink mold

Hearing the word "mold" almost immediately causes a negative reaction in most people. Even a young child understands that mold is bad, and most adults shudder at the thought of mold growth in their Gilberts,IL, home. There are many misunderstandings about mold; therefore, it’s a good idea to learn about the common types of mold and what to expect when mold becomes a problem.

Most Common Molds

There are many, many different types of mold. Three of the most common, however, are the following:

  • Cladosporium
  • Stachybotrys chartarum
  • Aspergillus

Molds vary in color but are typically green, brown and black. Some of the most common areas to find mold in a home are around places that have water: washing machines, refrigerators, underneath sinks and around windows or doors that have water leaks. Water damage is definitely a contributing factor to mold in a home.

If you suspect that you have a mold growth problem, conduct a thorough inspection of your home. Find out where the mold is growing so that when it comes time to remediate the problem, you’re able to take care of all areas. Remember that mold is found in all homes, and it’s usually not until the mold grows from a normal level to a higher-than-normal level that it needs to be remediated.

Two Things To Remember About All Mold

One of the most important facts to understand about virtually every type of mold is that mold spores occur naturally both indoors and outdoors. Fortunately, most types of mold can be easily remediated. Second, high humidity is one element that can cause normal levels of mold to turn in to harmful levels of mold. Managing the humidity content in your home can help prevent spores from taking hold and multiplying.

Remember that no matter what type of mold growth is occurring in your home, identification is less important than cessation. Work with mold remediation experts who can return your mold levels to a normal, healthy threshold.

Preventing Mold Damage Caused by Ice Dams

7/25/2019 (Permalink)

white ceiling tile with tan and green spots Mold growing on ceiling

Ice dams are a major concern for businesses in, West Dundee,IL. Not only can an ice dam cause water damage throughout a building, but it can also lead to mold growth. Find out how to prevent mold from growing in your building with these helpful tips.

Preventing Mold Growth

Mold, particularly black mold, requires a few key factors to grow. Understanding these factors can help you prevent your building from harboring areas of mold growth that can affect the air quality, smell, and professional look of the area. Here are the basic elements mold requires to grow:

  • Moisture
  • Warmth
  • Oxygen
  • Food

If your building is missing one of these, you’re unlikely to have mold growing in your walls or ceiling. However, all of these combined can lead to sudden mold growth.

Remediating Ice Dams

Ice dams are a large buildup of ice on your roof. The ice itself can be dangerous, as shingles can break off and large pieces of frozen water can suddenly fall from your commercial building. However, the biggest danger of ice dams is water buildup.

As temperatures rise, the ice on your roof will start to melt. However, the frozen areas on your eaves, or the edges of your commercial roof, will be the last to thaw. This creates a dam that allows water to pool on your roof. Most roofing materials aren’t designed to hold standing water, so you can expect water to sink past your roof line and soak into your ceiling and walls.

Choosing a Mold Specialist

Once water enters your walls, particularly if an ice dam consistently forms on your roof, it’s a recipe for mold growth. Hire an expert mold remediation company who is Faster to Any Sized Disaster. A professional mold cleanup will keep your building safe, your air clean and business running as usual. Ask a remediation company about ways to prevent ice dams from forming so that you can prevent further mold growing in your building.

3 Ways SERVPRO Helps With Insurance Claims

3/24/2019 (Permalink)

Insurance companies prefer to work with mitigation and restoration companies that make it easier to process and settle claims. SERVPRO supports insurers in several ways, including an internal company-wide Participation Agreement that identifies Preferred Vendors, a suite of electronic claim services and an all-in-one approach to mitigation and restoration. 

1. Preferred Vendor Program

Insurance jobs are only available to franchises that meet the terms of a 21-point Participation Agreement administered by the national corporation. Franchise owners must agree to perform background checks on employees and maintain insurance coverage. Insurers should also make sure that a franchise has an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. 

2. Claims Information Center

Insurance agents and adjusters should be able to access claim information and estimates online. The Claims Information Center is an electronic resource designed to reduce communication delays and promote faster claim processing and settlement. A full suite of claim services makes it easy for insurance representatives to compare individual claims with local, regional and national data on causes of loss, job costs and emergency response times. This resource provides access to claim documentation for clients as well as data for a franchise location in Barrington Hills, IL.

3. Combined Mitigation and Restoration Services

Insurance claims that involve separate mitigation and restoration companies are likely to be more complicated. In addition to multiple estimates, insurers and clients may also encounter issues such as delays, scheduling discrepancies or miscommunication. Given the time-sensitive nature of limiting and restoring damage, any of these issues may result in a less successful recovery effort. Combining these services allows for a more accurate initial estimate and prevents delays and dropped lines of communication.

These are only three of the ways in which SERVPRO facilitates the processing and settlement of an insurance claim. Property owners and insurance representatives can rely on helpful claim services throughout the mitigation and restoration process. 

Black Mold: What Is It and How To Remediate It

3/6/2019 (Permalink)

If you have mold damage call SERVPRO

How To Manage Mold

A mold inspection can be nerve-wracking because you have to wait and see how manageable and expensive the remediation process is going to be. Most house mold, while invasive and costly, is not necessarily toxic. However, some mold is toxic and should never be handled without the proper gear and precautions.

1. Toxic Black Mold

It is necessary to say that simply because a mold is black does not mean it is toxic. The toxic kind is actually called Stachybotrys and should be handled by a remediation specialist. Toxic mold can present a significant health risk, demanding the use of specific safety measures.

2. Appearance

There is no visual way to determine if the mold in your home is toxic. You will need a mold inspection to make that assessment. However, you can determine if you are dealing with mold or mildew. Mold is typically textured and fuzzy in appearance. Mildew, alternatively, is flat, appearing as a surface stain.

3. Common Locations

Mold requires damp locations, which is why the most humid areas of your home are the most likely to acquire mold problems. Check basements, attics, bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens first, if you suspect a mold issue.

4. Professional Remediation

While some levels of mold infestations can be handled on your own, it is often better to hire a mold remediation specialist in the Carpentersville, IL, area. These professionals have the proper certifications and knowledge of mold varieties and safety procedures to ensure your home returns to normal.

While a mold inspection can produce anxious feelings, it is for the best when you suspect a mold problem. The number of species means that your home could be infested with something toxic, and it is always better to know. Therefore, have an inspection and seek out the advice of a remediation specialist in the necessary steps to combat your potential mold problem.

Insurance Adjusters Don’t Have Time for Needy Vendors

2/20/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can handle any type of job

Insurance Adjusters Don’t Have Time for Needy Vendors

A favorite buzzword of advertisers is set and forget. It applies to devices that do their job without supervision. Ask an insurance adjuster if that should apply to contractors. Not surprisingly, the answer would be yes. Adjusters have more important things to do than deal with needy vendors. Their responsibilities include:

  • Processing insurance claims
  • Inspecting damage
  • Verifying coverage
  • Determining compensation
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Issuing payouts

Smart Contractors Understand That the Adjuster’s Time Is Valuable
When the adjuster and the contractor agree on the job and the price, the contractor takes over. The two shouldn’t connect again until the work is complete. Unless there is a change in scope, the contractor should complete the work unassisted.
An insurance adjuster never wants to hear that there is a change in scope. It shouldn’t happen, but it comes with the territory. Here are a few situations where the adjuster must get involved before the completion of the work.

  1. The contractor discovers additional damage. The adjuster missed something. There was some hidden damage not in the original insurance claim. The contractor discovered unrelated problems like mold. These all require the adjuster to revisit the claim and adjust it.
  2. The client is obstructing the work. The contractor may only have limited access to the job site. The client is requesting something more than a straightforward restoration. Any time the client inhibits the restoration effort, it is a problem for the contractor. It is a problem for the adjuster if the contractor cannot resolve it.
  3. Restoration forces compliance with current zoning laws. Assume that an event covered by your insurance destroyed your front stairs. Also, assume that those original front stairs didn't follow current zoning regulations. The contractor discovered this, and the job has suddenly changed. The new stairs must conform to the current zoning restrictions.

An insurance adjuster can depend on SERVPRO to do the job quickly and to the highest standards. This quality work happens in Carpentersville,IL, and across the country. SERVPRO is here to help.

Mold Grows Quickly in Wet Places

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Mold on commercial building in Barrington Hills,IL

One of the most effective ways to diversify your investment portfolio is to purchase commercial rental property in Barrington Hills,IL. Still, you can only make money if you keep your units fully rented. As you probably know, few things alarm tenants more than mold. If your commercial property has water damage, you should know how quickly mold may begin to grow.

Finding Water Leaks

To keep your commercial property in tip-top shape, you must watch for signs of water leaks. Unfortunately, not all leaks are easy to spot. When inspecting your property, you must pay attention to areas where water is typically present. Specifically, take a look at the following for signs of leaks:

  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Water heaters
  • Gutters
  • Basements
  • Crawl spaces
  • Sump pumps

Understanding Mold Growth

If you have water leaks or high humidity in your building, you can expect mold to grow quickly. In fact, within 24 to 48 hours, mold can begin to grow in places where you have water damage. If you can tell that water has been in an unintended area for more than a day or two, you should expect to find mold. As part of your cleanup plan, you may want to contract with a reputable mold-removal service. Because technicians have the expertise, skill and equipment to detect mold, they can provide you with a plan for restoring your commercial property to its pre-mold condition.

Keeping Mold in Check

To attract new tenants and keep existing ones, your commercial property must be in good condition. While removing mold after it grows must be a priority, you may also want to focus on mold prevention. Investing in a hygrometer to measure humidity levels is a good idea. Moreover, you may want to install vapor barriers in underground areas to prevent water seepage.

You want to make money on your commercial property. Still, if you have water damage, you can expect mold growth to drive away tenants. With a bit of effort, though, you can likely keep mold from devaluing your investment.

4 Tips for How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher will allow you to protect your property in Gilberts,IL

You’ve no doubt seen a fire extinguisher and may have a general idea of how they work. But how confident are you that you’d know how to use one in an emergency? Don’t wait until your Gilberts,IL, business is facing flames to test your knowledge of this important safety device. Use this step by step guide to learn how to use an extinguisher.

Make Sure You Should Be Using an Extinguisher

Generally, hand-held extinguishers are designed to tackle specific fires and control fire damage. Ask yourself:

  • Is this bigger than a small kitchen fire?
  • Are the flames taller than me?
  • Is there potential for loss of life?

If the answer to any of this is yes, it’s a job for 911. If not, you’re ready to take the next steps.

Pull the Pin

There’s a pin at the top of the device which, once removed, allows you to engage the device. Pulling the pin will also break the tamper seal and let you use the device.

Aim at The Fire

It’s not enough to simply point and shoot - hitting the top of the flames just won’t work. Your goal is to smother the flames at their base, so aim your fire extinguisher down low.

Squeeze the Trigger

Next squeeze the trigger in a controlled fashion. It’s important to maintain control when squeezing to ensure that the extinguishing agent doesn’t spray everywhere but the fire.

Use a Sweeping Motion

Move the device nozzle from side to side, continuing to aim at the base, until the fire is completely out. Most extinguishers will have up to 20 seconds of discharge time.

The acronym PASS offers an easy way to remember the steps above. The only thing worse than facing a fire is not knowing how to respond. Protect your property, goods and staff by using this guide to use your fire extinguisher the right way.

4 Things To Be Aware of After a Flood

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Flooded home in East Dundee,IL

Know What Steps To Take After A Flood

When a storm comes in East Dundee,IL, it brings with it the problems caused by flood water. Knowing how to deal safely with a home that has been flooded is an important part of the cleanup process. Here are four things to be aware of after a flood hits your residence.

1. How to Safely Enter the Flooded Area

When entering a flooded home it important to be aware of the dangers that come from the damage. Always turn off the power to the flooded area, and wear proper safety gear. It’s also important to be aware of any animals that may have gotten in with the water. When in doubt, call a professional for help.

2. What Safety Procedures to Follow

Proper safety is important when dealing with flood water. Be sure to wear protective clothing such as gloves or waders, and to wash thoroughly before eating. It’s also important to read the manuals for any equipment you may be using.

3. Who to Contact for Help

In some cases water damage may be more severe than you can handle on your own. In cases like these it’s important to contact a flood restoration professional. They can assess the problems your home faces from the flooding and create an appropriate cleanup and restoration plan.

4. How to Properly Clean Up

Cleaning up a mess from flooding requires several steps. First, the area must be completely cleared of water and then thoroughly dried. After this the area must be inspected and sanitized to prevent the spread of pathogens and any mold growth. Once the flooded area clears inspection, repairs can begin.

Dealing with flood water in your home can be tricky. However, knowing which steps to take and how to do so safely can help. If you feel like the mess is too big for you to handle alone, a professional can help.