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How To Prevent Shower Mold

7/28/2020 (Permalink)

Bath vent fan. Bathroom ventilation system. Bathrooms with a shower should be properly ventilated to prevent mold growth due to humidity

Steps To Prevent a Moldy Shower

Bathrooms provide the perfect breeding grounds for black mold, a fungus that typically grows in environments with the following characteristics:

  • High humidity
  • High temperature
  • Low light

Mold remediation professionals in Barrington Hills, IL, recommend some simple steps to prevent a moldy shower.

Run a Fan
Lowering a bathroom's humidity levels can be challenging but not impossible. A fan is the best way to eliminate unavoidable fog that results from running water. If a fan is not practical, opening a window after a shower will allow air to circulate and absorb excess humidity in the air before it settles and causes mold.

Wipe Surfaces
Drying wet surfaces can go a long way toward inhibiting the growth of shower mold. Mold spores multiply quickly after water splashes and remain stagnant on shower walls and floors. Using a towel or squeegee to wipe away excess water from shower surfaces can promptly eliminate the potential for mold.

Remove Accessories
Mold does not discriminate concerning the surfaces on which it will breed. It is essential to remove shampoo bottles and other accessories from a shower before wiping shower surfaces. Removing these objects can prevent water from being trapped beneath them and eliminate another breeding ground for mold.

Close the Shower Curtain
An open shower curtain creates folds that trap water and prevent light from entering. Water can not quickly evaporate before mold forms. A fully open curtain gives water droplets access to the breeze from a fan or an open window. Also, it allows light to reach the walls behind it, helping to prevent mold.

Repair Faulty Plumbing
Wiping down wet surfaces will not prevent water accumulation if plumbing repairs are neglected. Continual drips of water from leaky faucets can develop into moldy patches inside and underneath a shower's water spout.
Eliminating shower mold requires vigilance and thoughtfulness. The best way Barrington Hills, IL, residents can deal with this problem is to prevent it.

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